• David Gavilanes

I want the BEST camera!

"I want the BEST camera out there!" -hearing this statement is why I was inspired to create this blog. One of the first things I ask a new photographer is if they know, what I believe

to be the 3 essential variables, to creating images on any camera. With in that statement, a seasoned photographer would immediately understand what 3 aspects of photography I am referring to. Once the new photographer mentions to me that they are unsure, this helps me fill them in! I then explain to them the 3 variables, they show me they understand, and then we move on to discussing what camera they are looking to purchase. This question exists all over the internet, and I wanted to make sure I put my two cents in. The camera does not make the photographer. It can help, but the photographer is who makes creates the image! I hope understanding this can help guide people into saving their money as well as how they go about finding their voice in photography.


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