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What should I wear?

That all depends on who YOU are! Pick outfits that scream YOU. If you feel like showing off your wild side, your secret magician side, your cool and sleek side... do it. Bring as many options as you like. Make sure to IRON everything before hand! We want the focus on you, not the wrinkles in your shirt.

Now, when it comes to headshots, you want to keep it simple. Finding colors that complement your eye color can really make the photo pop. Solid colors or bold designs, try to avoid small patterns that can be busy and steal focus from your pretty face. Different types of neck lines, jackets and extra layers are all cool too. Pay attention to your footwear! The more choices you bring, the better! 

Ladies- Make sure your hair is done the way you most enjoy. These photos should represent you looking your best, on an average day. Make up is important, too! I suggest using foundation, blush, lip color and mascara. If you aren't skilled in that area, no worries! Feel free to get your makeup done professionally, or I can suggest you to some artists to you. 


What do I do to prep, before the shoot?

LOTS of rest and water!! So no pre late night partying for you... at least not the night before :)


Who will be at the shoot?

Well, you, me, and usually my assistant! Also, your friend or mom, personal DJ... or whoever else you want to come cheer you on! Make sure if you do bring a buddy, they are someone who will add to your confidence front of the camera.


Where will my shoot be?

Depending on what coast we're on, I have a group of set locations that are great for photos. I use natural lighting, so we will be outside during the day! Unless of course you're looking for a dope night shoot. If you have an idea for a location, feel free to let me know- although there are many laws against photographers and private property. If it's a public place, it's probably ok!


How do I get my photos?

We will discuss options when we schedule the shoot, but here are some of them- I can load them on to any USB drive you provide, send them via internet (google drive), or you can even download some INSTANTLY to your mobile device (These are not the high resultion photos you would use to print, but are great to have for your own social media.


How long does it take to recieve my photos?

This may vary depending on the package deal you choose!


I see you travel a lot... how do I know if you will be in my area?

Follow me on social media!! I will keep you guys updated on where I am on my Facebook page as well as Instagram.


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