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  David Gavilanes has worked in the Dance industry for 15 years selecting several skills in which he has now applied to his production and creative abilities. 


  David has always been passionate on helping others develop true confidence. His goal is to contribute his talents to society in a way that is creative, productive, and effective. Through his work he aims to bridge the gaps between cultures and generations.

  David’s vast knowledge in the entertainment industry, has allowed him to develop methods that help his clients get their message out to the world in a new and exciting way.

  "13 years ago in Connecticut, using only a phone, my path to falling in love with photography began. Utilizing what I had (an old Samsung Galaxy phone), I took photos for fun, and began to discover my perspective. My perspective was originally inspired by my first passion, dance. Being a dancer, my perspective had already been shaped and molded.

Utilizing social media networks helped with receiving some feed back on what people enjoyed viewing,  or what they'd like to see more of. As the interest of my viewers grew, so did my desire for creating! I later found myself taking an 'Intro to Photography' course at Norwalk Community College, spending hours at public libraries, and watching a TON of online video lessons, which all helped me understand more about the terminology of photography."


-David M. Gavilanes

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